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Where It All Began! Our World Of The Beautiful Appaloosa Horse!!


Our love for the Appaloosa horse began back in 1979 and has continued since then and always will.

Our "first" Appaloosa was a striking colt with a blanket to his wither, four white stockings and a blaze and his name was "Heza Moolah". He was sired by "Moolah's Robin" IMP out of a Thoroughbred mare called "Wallacia Girl" ASB.

Heza Moolah aka Pippa as he was stable named came to us at the time when Appaloosa and Quarter Horse racing was popular and we were keen to see how he would go in this.

Pippa was started under saddle and in 1985 when he was 6 years old he was trained in racing. His barrier trial went well but the training regime did not suit him and he we did not continue his training when he went shin sore.

Pippa sired many lovely foals for us, and we still have retained 3 of his daughters in our broodmare band.  He lived a full and happy life until in May 1999 he suffered laminitis brought on by stress as we had moved at that time. He fought courageously through this debilatating time and got through with the assistance of a great farrier, Terry Cant.

Pippa was laid to rest on the 23rd August, 2003 at the age of 24 years as his health was failing. He will always be remembered by us as our First Appaloosa!


The great "Moolah's Robin" (IMP) Sire of Heza Moolah


Foaled 14th January, 1972

Sire: Top Moolah

Dam: Hadleys Ta Ka Estah

This beautiful Appaloosa stallion achieved 26 1st and 2nds at Halter!

4 Grand Championships , 4 Reserve Championships and was West Coast Champion 2 year old in the USA before being imported to Australia.

Moolah's Robin(IMP) raced for 2 seasons in Australia and proved himself to be one of the fastest Appaloosas in this country!

4 "Moolah" horses in the USA held 11 World Records between them in 1979!

This great stallions's bloodlines go back to the great Thoroughbred "Blenheim II" and the legendary "Man O'War", and not to forget the great Appaloosa stallion  "Top Hat H".

Photo by Mr Todd Tenney

Peta -Anne Photography 1977

John & Robyn Twaddle


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