Centennial Appaloosas & Quarter Horses

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Twins - Coloured filly & solid colt

Foaled 8th October, 2001

Dam: Glow Of Chaudiere (ASB) by Grand Chaudiere (Canada)

A lovely bay Thoroughbred mare with a Champion racehorse pedigree with such great Thoroughbreds as her sire by Northern Dancer. Bloodlines of Nasrullah, Hail To Success (USA) and the great Smokey Eyes (IRE)

Sooky's foals were very sadly delivered 8 weeks premature. One beautiful light chestnut filly, with a star & stripe, blanket to her wither, off side hind stocking and near side front half stocking. A gorgeous coloured filly, sadly lost. The other twin, a solid bay colt, no white markings.


Special T's Mega Lucy

Foaled 25th August, 2002

Died 21st October, 2008

Dam: Nioka Tyson's Special T (AAA)

Lucy was born 3 1/2 weeks premature, as strong as ever! We were thrilled with her arrival and right from the beginning she has always been the sweetest girl. She is very special to us and always will be as she is the only filly her dam Special T has given us!

Prince Of Dreams (Baby Boo)

Foaled 27th August, 2003

Died 28th August, 2003

Dam: Nioka Tyson's Special T (AAA)

This beautiful little chestnut fewspot colt arrived also 3 1/2 weeks early, but sadly died @ 24 hours old.

He will always be missed, he was just not ready to be born.


Mega Flash Zack

Foaled 9th September, 2003

Dam: Andale Flash Belle (AAA)

Zack was born 13 days early, but he did very well. A lovely colt foal with beautiful colour! His dam's first foal.


Mega Miss Morgan

Foaled 20th September, 2003

Dam: Nioka Miss Kaoru (AAA)

Morgan was born at 10AM on that day, 2 days early. She has always been a sweet natured filly!

Mega Morn Doc

Foaled 14th November, 2003

Dam: Miss Morn's Obsession (AQHA)

Denny was born 2 days early, a very pretty foal for a colt. Born solid dun with two hind stockings and a huge star, he was born with Appaloosa characteristics and is now colouring out.

Dream Prince Poco

Foaled 16th October, 2004

Dam: Royal Coco (AAA)

Poco was born right on his due date!! What a beautiful boy! Quiet and lovable right from the start, loved attention and human company! 

This gorgeous boy is now a sire in his own right, beautiful foals have been produced by this lovely boy!

Solid bay colt

Foaled 20th November, 2004

Dam: Just A Silvery Moon (AAA)

Pics coming soon of this guy!!

His name is Smokey!!

Dream N Miss Delta

Foaled 5th November, 2006

Dam: Royal Coco AAA

Beautiful Delta is a full sister to Dream Prince Poco. What a very pretty and classy filly.

Centennial's Selena

Date Foaled 7th November, 2006

Dam: Dynasty Super Doll

Selena is a lovely filly, born 13 days early.

Stillborn colt

Foaled 25th August, 2007

Dam: Nioka Tyson's Special T 

Baby colt, solid black with a blaze, stillborn at 2 weeks before due date.

Only In Dreams

Foaled 14th September, 2008

Dam: Royal Coco AAA

"Shiloh" is a full brother to Dream Prince Poco & Dream N Miss Delta!

A stunning boy, what a beautiful foal!

Maranoa Luca Brazzie

Foaled 1st October, 2010

Dam: Royal Coco

"Luca" is a gorgeous foal, full brother to Poco, Delta & Shiloh. He is now a very loved member of Helen & Bob Peter's home at Maranoa Appaloosas in Childers, QLD