Centennial Appaloosas & Quarter Horses

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"A very special horse"

This page is a tribute to our wonderful "Fraar". He was a very special horse and will never be forgotten. He was captivating from the moment he was born. We shared two and a half years of our lives with him. In our hearts his memory will always shine!! This beautiful picture was taken of him just 2 weeks before he died.

''PJ'S BOY FRITZ" - Fraar22nd November, 1999 - 1st May, 2002

Sire: Winderadeen Pepper Jet AQHA

Dam: Nioka Tyson's Special T AAA

 He was to be our Junior stallion. With such great horses in his breeding as Little Peppy Doc AQHA, Jet Boom, Peppy San Badger, Mr Barney Broomfield, and the great Appaloosa sire Prince's Tyson (IMP), he would have been a great sire.

"Remember Me"

When you hear the thunder

remember me

for those are my hoofbeats upon your heart

deep in the night.

Do not fear the lightening

and remember me

for my hooves strike sparks so you may see

in your darkest hour.

When the rain falls

remember me

for those are my tears of joy as I run with the sky herd

free of rein and pain and heavy burden.

Look up and remember me

for you will see the shape of my fiery head thrown high

among the clouds,

warmed by sun but even more

because you remember me

Written by R.D. Miller, San Francisco, California USA

Sadly Missed

It has been 13 years since our wonderful boy left us, we celebrate his  life today, 1st May, 2015 and the joy he brought us.

Always special and always remembered. This gorgeous picture of him was taken when he was just 18 months old, in May 2001. Fraar, you are gone, but will never be forgotten.